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Purple pain: President Elect Donald Trump

I am not through mourning witnessing the free-flow expression of contempt for fellow human beings, the disengagement, and the effect of disinformation that became apparent the morning of November 9.

Trump changed everything. Now everything counts, an article by Barbara Kingsolver in The Guardian lists the potential loss of human rights and dignity, “Losses are coming at us in these areas: freedom of speech and the press; women’s reproductive rights; affordable healthcare; security for immigrants and Muslims; racial and LGBTQ civil rights; environmental protection; scientific research and education; international cooperation on limiting climate change; international cooperation on anything; any restraints on who may possess firearms; restraint on the upper-class wealth accumulation that’s gutting our middle class; limits on corporate influence over our laws.”

I am so sick of hearing “the media.” As if celebrity gossip outlets, every variation of television news, newspapers that strive for objective reporting, National Public Radio (NPR), and every blogger and Internet site are equivalent. And fake news…

Without objective reporting, I would feel hopeless. I found this LA Times news feature helpful, A primer on executive power: Trump can’t end same-sex marriages, but he could speed up deportations.

This election made me realize how incredibly hard life had become for a lot of Americans. Through NPR, newspapers, magazines, and legitimate Internet sites, I also see a lot of Americans willing to stand up for human rights and dignity, and for this I am very grateful.

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Who has time to Facebook, Tweet, Tumbl, Instapaper and Pinterest?

Until promoting myself from writer to author by self-publishing a novel, albeit an eBook, I sparingly used social media.  Writing does beat some of my former addictions.  If only I could become addicted to social media, maybe I could actually sell some eBooks.

So I signed up for mediabistro.com’s Social Media Boot Camp, which exposed me to many articulate social media experts.  The curriculum guided me through developing a strategy, but I am still struggling to figure out who has the time to use all or any of these services.


The finer points of Facebook elude me, although I do have friends who use it to keep up with long-distance friends, share photos, and socialize.


Instapaper allows you to put aside online articles for one-time reading later on. On the other hand, Delicious, allows you to tag, categorize, store, and share links to articles and anything else.


I enjoy Linked In and it makes sense to me. You post your career history and aspirations, build a network of professionals with similar interests, and update your network with professional achievements and events.  You receive a summary of updates from others weekly via email.  I can keep up with it by checking messages there twice during the workweek.


Wikipedia describes Pinterestas, “a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies and more.”


Tumblr reportedly makes blogging fun, because it “allows users to share images at the click of a button.”  Using the Internet is not my idea of fun.  Playing sports, performing stand-up comedy, and socializing in person are.


Twitter allows its users to send and receive messages, tweets, up to 140 characters long.  Theoretically, one is supposed to tweet at least twice a day and follow and be followed by as many as possible.

I do not get the math. Suppose I follow a modest 50, and suppose they tweet twice a day, that is 100 interruptions per day from Twitter alone.  I adore U2, but I don’t want to hear even from them twice a day.

Personal Website

My writing buddy Sandra Furuvald has a killer custom one highlighting her first novel Hidden.  I will probably take advantage of GoDaddy.com’s website tonight.

I am going to take Boot Camp presenter and Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich’s, @leowid, advice to master one social media service, Linked In.  Because I can never exactly follow advice, I will try to master Delicious too.

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