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Wash and Wear Hair Saves Time

Shower, towel dry, comb, and I’m out the door. Thirty minutes of-doing-whatever-I–need-to-instead-of-blow-drying-my-hair-later, my hair is dry, my hair looks fabulous, and I bless my hair stylist Anne Sibthorpe who was an artistic director at Vidal Sassoon before moving on to the Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills. Sassoon pioneered fashionable, low-maintenance hairstyles.  Anne’s hair wisdom:

Haircut Tips
A good stylist takes into account what your hair naturally does and your:

• Hair’s growth pattern, which varies across your scalp
• Hair’s texture
• Facial structure
• Overall body symmetry
• Lifestyle

Curly Hair
You don’t need to straighten curly hair.  Anne developed her expertise taming her own curly hair and recommends:

• No heat (including no blow drying)
• Good cut
• Leaving in conditioner to define curls and cut out frizz

Haircare Products
Haircare products are so much better than decades past, you don’t necessarily need a lot of product once you find the right one(s) for your hair.

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