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Welcome to my blog.

The difference between average and exceptional is imagination. Imagination breeds faith, innovation, and fiction.

I write realistic fiction, and, when desperate for a laugh, dark humor sneaks in. My life experience influences my main themes:

  • How does the human spirit rise above obstacles, ignorance, and hatred?
  • What prompts spiritual awakening? Actualization?
  • How do the subconscious and denial enable addiction?
  • How do brain disorders and addiction become intertwined?

My young adult years were marred by addiction, mania, depression, and multiple hospitalizations. Competent medical care put an end to that vicious cycle and turned me back into a productive citizen.

I have discovered many tools for fighting depression. Addiction is trickier.

Through storytelling, I aspire to lend insight into the dynamics that often intertwine brain disorders (aka mental illness) and addiction, particularly drugs, compulsive eating, and co-dependency.

Once a month I blog about my journey toward establishing myself as an author, the creative process, struggling to find the time to write, and staving off depression and compulsivity.

Each month I also publish one piece of flash fiction. Best blog posts:



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  1. Hey Sasha! You are so talented, I’m really enjoying reading your blog and articles. I sent you a facebook request and email. Give me a call, lets get together and catch up!

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