Still moving like Jagger…

If I can move like Jagger when I’m pushing 72, I will be ecstatic. How does he do it?

Not only has Mick Jagger managed to dance on stage long past the age most professional dancers retire, but on his own terms. He created his very own athletic, free-form style of interpretive dance, including his virtually infinite dance vocabulary. His moves add a dimension to his vocals and make the Rolling Stones live music even more compelling.

The vision of him performing a split leap high into the air during a 1981 Rolling Stones concert is forever emblazoned into my memory bank. Although he can’t pull off that move anymore, he still commands the stage and becomes one with the music.

When asked by The Plain Dealer’s Chuck Yarborough if he had “some sort of magic Mick Jagger fitness program, Jagger responded, “… I have to work at it, and you can’t expect it to drop in your lap. You have to practice it. It’s hard work to keep it…”

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