Damon Dunn, Vision and Then Some for Mayor of Long Beach

“I am impressed with Damon’s knowledge of the issues facing Long Beach and his ability to articulate them,” said O’Neill. “Damon’s strength and commitment will help to lead us into a promising future,” Beverly O’Neill endorsing Damon Dunn as reported in May 5, Long Beach Press Telegram.

“I believe that Damon Dunn will bring transparency to City Hall so that residents are given the information on how and why decisions are made that impact this city,” Schipske said in a statement.

Schipske also credited Dunn for his pledge to bring a new ethics code when in office, and for running a “good, truthful, positive campaign” in the primary, Gerrie Schipske endorsing Damon Dunn as reported in April 30, Long Beach Press Telegram.

Damon Dunn epitomizes the power of positive living. Although Damon Dunn was blessed with athletic and academic prowess, it is his approachability, his effectiveness, and his lifelong affinity for serving the community that earns my vote.

Long Beach is poised to become as desired a destination as San Francisco or Seattle.  Dunn has the passion for all the possibilities Long Beach offers and the imagination and drive to make Long Beach truly come into its own.

And since my children refuse to move to Los Angeles and they happen to be minors, I want Long Beach to be even better than it already is.

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