Performing Stand Up

“You do stand up? That must be so hard.”

Trying to get a publishing deal is hard.  Trying to get your television show made is hard.  Getting on stage and making your audience laugh is not hard.  All you have to do is lose your ego.

It is fun to laugh.  And laughter makes you relax.

I became a stand-up comedian, because I was so frustrated by the writing game.  I didn’t have the time to promote my fiction or shop my treatments, but I could perform stand up comedy 10 minutes from home.  When I was just beginning I could bring my two children to many of the open mics and shows.

For several years all I did was write stand up material and perform.  Now I am back to writing on borrowed time and only do the occasional show.  I no longer have time to routinely do open mics, but there’s always one funny mom on every youth sports team.  I practice on her or during retail transactions. And if I still need to rehearse, there are always my two hostages a.k.a. children.

For my first three years, I would write different material every time I performed.  Eventually I learned that the best way to “write” stand up is to jot down your concept and then work it out talking.

This spring finds me at Malarkey’s on Thursday nights performing with Comedy Machine who use the room to warm up for the road.  Gina Manning’s performances always make me laugh.

Want to study funny?




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