Aspartame Doomed my Love Affair with Diet Coke

Diet Coke, that perfect combination of carbonation, sugar, caffeine and cola flavor has been in my life longer than any relationship.  Sweetened by Aspartame, it does not cost me any calories, but does Aspartame:

  • Make me hungrier and eat more
  • Tax my liver thereby making my metabolism less efficient and burn fewer calories
  • Provide hits to my neurological system and threaten my health

I don’t doubt that Aspartame and other food additives could wreak havoc with a certain percentage of the population’s health, but how big a percentage? I can easily conclude that Aspartame does nothing beneficial for me, but is it really toxic?

Decide for yourself – these websites provide opposing viewpoints:

“Excitotoxins are substances believed to cause brain damage and damage to the central nervous system. 
Excitotoxins tend to affect the hypothalamus portion of the brain, which controls important bodily functions such as growth, sleep patterns, puberty and even appetite.”

So I go back and forth with my aluminum knight in silver and red, Diet Coke.  I can go several months without one, but start craving it when my projects collide at work.

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