Paleo Diet Month Two

The more I study nutrition, the less I know…  In six weeks I lost approximately five pounds (five to ten to go), but more significantly my taste buds are changing, I am eating more fruits and vegetables, and I am less hungry.

Paleo Diet in a Nutshell

Dr. Cordain, a PhD in health, spills all his secrets on his website  His What to Eat on the Paleo Diet page tells you which food groups to eat and which ones to avoid.  In summary (85% of the time), everything except grains, dairy (eggs are the only allowed dairy), refined sugar, salt, processed foods, potatoes, and refined vegetable oils.

Lisa Rudy from Huntington Beach, California has been on the Paleo Diet 14 months and says, “I wasn’t expecting a sense of improved mental clarity.  I would say it was quite dramatic.  It was an unexpected welcome benefit.”

Rudy admits, “At first you feel like it’s a lot of work.  After a while it just becomes second nature.”

Cordain’s research is convincing, but I know too many healthy, productive, good-natured individuals who eat grains to believe that this restrictive diet is for everyone.  For those of us with sugar sensitivity, this could be a reasonable plan.

Cordain does make convincing arguments about the detrimental effect of a typical American diet in regards to:

  • Inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • High content of Omega 6, which wipes out the benefits of Omega 3 such as reducing symptoms of mental disorders including depression and schizophrenia
  • Acid-base balance and how it affects calcium retention and osteoporosis
  • Insulin levels that bounce around and affect mood and energy levels

Benefits of Protein

Quoting Cordain (The Paleo Diet, revised edition 2011), “Remember, protein is your ally in weight loss and good health.  It lowers your cholesterol, improves your insulin sensitivity, speeds up your metabolism, satisfies your appetite, and helps you lose weight.”

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