Who has time to Facebook, Tweet, Tumbl, Instapaper and Pinterest?

Until promoting myself from writer to author by self-publishing a novel, albeit an eBook, I sparingly used social media.  Writing does beat some of my former addictions.  If only I could become addicted to social media, maybe I could actually sell some eBooks.

So I signed up for mediabistro.com’s Social Media Boot Camp, which exposed me to many articulate social media experts.  The curriculum guided me through developing a strategy, but I am still struggling to figure out who has the time to use all or any of these services.


The finer points of Facebook elude me, although I do have friends who use it to keep up with long-distance friends, share photos, and socialize.


Instapaper allows you to put aside online articles for one-time reading later on. On the other hand, Delicious, allows you to tag, categorize, store, and share links to articles and anything else.


I enjoy Linked In and it makes sense to me. You post your career history and aspirations, build a network of professionals with similar interests, and update your network with professional achievements and events.  You receive a summary of updates from others weekly via email.  I can keep up with it by checking messages there twice during the workweek.


Wikipedia describes Pinterestas, “a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies and more.”


Tumblr reportedly makes blogging fun, because it “allows users to share images at the click of a button.”  Using the Internet is not my idea of fun.  Playing sports, performing stand-up comedy, and socializing in person are.


Twitter allows its users to send and receive messages, tweets, up to 140 characters long.  Theoretically, one is supposed to tweet at least twice a day and follow and be followed by as many as possible.

I do not get the math. Suppose I follow a modest 50, and suppose they tweet twice a day, that is 100 interruptions per day from Twitter alone.  I adore U2, but I don’t want to hear even from them twice a day.

Personal Website

My writing buddy Sandra Furuvald has a killer custom one highlighting her first novel Hidden.  I will probably take advantage of GoDaddy.com’s website tonight.

I am going to take Boot Camp presenter and Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich’s, @leowid, advice to master one social media service, Linked In.  Because I can never exactly follow advice, I will try to master Delicious too.

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