Would you like an apple with that… Making In-N-Out even better

Unless my children and I are already packing produce, our trip to In-N-Out usually involves a pit stop to the grocery store—a time zapper.

Why can’t In-N-Out add more fiber and nutrition to their menu?

• Petite, crisply tart Pink Lady, Mackintosh, or Rome apples
• Refreshing salad of perfect Romaine, Butter, or Red Leaf lettuce
• Choice of fat-free Italian or Ranch salad dressing

My satisfying In-N-Out scrimp of 200 calories: protein burger (mustard instead of thousand island) and perfectly brewed iced tea with 3 wedges of fresh lemon.

My sensational In n Out splurge of 400 calories: Tingly tasty French fries

Email In-N-Out: Marketing Coordinator Christopher Thomsen, cthomsen@innout.com

By the way, Talking turkey is paying off at Carl’s Jr., (http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-carls-changes-20110701,0,4142512.story)
Broadening customer base and adding more healthful items have yielded a sales boost.
Sharon Bernstein, LA Times, July 1, 2011

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